The specification and features of Samsung Galaxy S6 at a glance

We all understand the definition of flagship phones. Each smartphone manufacturer brings at least one flagship phone in a year, in which the company tries to attract the customer with the latest technological breakthroughs. Samsung Galaxy’s Galaxy S series has occupied the top spot for the past few years in the crowd of flagship phones in the Android world. HTC or Sony’s flagship phones are not too popular, but when buying high-end phones, most people prefer the Samsung Galaxy S series phones. And recently, Samsung announced the new flagship phone, Samsung Galaxy S6, to end all expectations.

The Korean technology company has formally launched mobile phone conferencing in the year-long mobile phone-based company launched in Barcelona, Spain, and has recently released its new flagship phone. Earlier Samsung’s bigger release Galaxy Note 4, like this, has announced the Galaxy S6, as well as Galaxy S6 Edge of the bendable display. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge will not have much response in the market, but hopefully the new kind of phone this phone Samsung And so they have created an Edge version of the flagship phone.

And let’s do the talking. Let’s first look at the Galaxy S6’s hardware specifications and other specialties.

Galaxy S6 Design

For the past few months, the picture and the information leaked to the internet world, and the fact that it has proved to be the most authentic of the mobile phone conferencing today, the phone is now officially inaugurated in the company of Samsung Galaxy S6. The combination of glass and metal has been made in a different design, the Galaxy S6, which has brought more premium feathers to the phone as the mobile world congressional journalist wrote about the phone. Despite being a high-end phone, the phone is quite compact and comfortable to hold hands.

But the waterproof facility on this flagship phone, like the Galaxy S5, was dropped, as it was previously known. If you want to get a waterproof facility, the user will have to wait for the Galaxy S6 Active, which will have the hydropower system, according to Samsung. Waterproof is usually a common benefit in flagship phones. In particular, Samsung gave the Panic facility to their latest flagship phone Galaxy S5. However, taking advantage of the Galaxy S6 will result in adverse effects on the sale of it.

Processor, RAM, storage

Although many are looking forward to the latest processors of Qualcomm Snapdragon, Samsung has made its own processor preferably on their new Galaxy S6 smartphone. Samsung has not yet confirmed whether a chipset will be used, but it is confirmed to be 64-bit supported chipsets. It is assumed that it will be the Exxon 7420. Samsung also said that the phone will have 3 GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S6 will come in market with three modes in the market. Customers can purchase the phone in 3 different models of 32GB, 64 GB and 128 Gb. However, before deciding whether to buy a storage phone, you must first know that Samsung Galaxy S6 does not have any memory card slot. That is to say, as much as you buy the storage phone, you have to be restricted to the storage. Like any other phone, no memory card can be inserted.

Samsung said they are using new types of technology in the new phone’s storage. Using UFC 2.0 (Universal Flash Storage) technology will increase the speed of the data transfer and reduce the cost of the phone, according to Samsung. This is one of the reasons behind the drop in the microSD card slot.

Galaxy S6 Screen

The Samsung flagship series phones have nothing to say about the phone. Regardless of the hardware or software performance, Samsung has almost always been ahead of the competitors by the screen.

This is no exception. The 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display has 2560 x 1440 pixel resolutions similar to the Galaxy Note 4. Galaxy S6 has 577 pixels in inch screen. There are also coaching Gorilla Glass 4 Protection.

There is nothing to be dissatisfied with the screens in all. But almost everyone who is worried about the Mobile World Congress, how long can the battery of the phone be able to handle this powerful smartphone and high-resolution display?


To mention the frustrating side of the Galaxy S6, the three things that everyone will mention is going to be its battery capacities (the other two being non-slip of a memory card and non-filtering). Whereas Samsung’s previous flagship phone, the Galaxy S5 had a battery of 2800 millimeters, the battery of the new phone was 2550 ml.

Samsung said that the battery sensitivity of Galaxy S6 is low due to power congestion, this battery will also get a good backup and if needed, backups like video playback will be available for up to 2 hours in just 10 minutes. But before reaching the phone market and before reaching the reviewer and the general user, it is difficult to say the truth about those claims. But almost everyone criticized the Samsung Galaxy S6’s low capacity battery.

Galaxy s6 camera

Samsung has mentioned the camera as one of the main advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S6. The company gave the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge two phones on the 16-megapixel camera. Because of the f / 1.9 aperture, Samsung’s new flagship phone, capable of taking 35% more photos than Galaxy S5, in a small light. There is also the company’s auto-HDR, optical image stabilization and all the benefits of the camera.

Samsung did not forget about cell-operators Galaxy S6 has a 5-megapixel front camera. Samsung also said that with the front camera a good light can be taken to good pictures. Moreover, the white balance of the photo can also be fixed with the front camera using infrared.

Operating System

Android Lollipop 5.0.2 is being used since the beginning of the Samsung Galaxy S6. The Korean company has recently started its activities with the Tizen operating system but did not forget about Android’s demand and Android’s contribution to the company’s current marketplace. So the Android operating system has been used on flagship phones.

But Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface has been installed on the Android operating system as usual. Many have commented that the new TouchWiz has been made easier and less annoying than ever before, without the TouchWiz fan, they may be frustrated with Samsung’s user interface as usual. A comparative image shared on our Facebook page recently is particularly memorable!

Other Benefits

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5, it can be seen that the company’s new Galaxy S6 phone has been reduced: Screen size, memory card slot, battery, waterproof power etc. However, the phone is still the company’s flagship series. So in addition to the traditional hardware specifications, there are some additional features available on the phone.

The Galaxy S6 includes fingerprint scanners, heart rate monitors and new Samsung Pay. Implementing Apple Pay, Samsung is launching this new service with PayPal, Visa and MasterCard. It is known that the Samsung pay facility with the new Galaxy S6 can be used in the cash register’s magnetic stripe machine.

In all, Samsung Galaxy S6 is a combination of some disappointments and some expectations. It is known that the new phone will be officially coming to market on April 10. Price of 32 GB model will be around $ 855. However, Samsung has not yet officially announced the price of the phone, so the waiters will have to wait more than a month to find out if there are so many pockets to become the owner of the new phone.

What is your opinion about Samsung Galaxy S6? With no memory card slot, low power battery and no waterproof system, Can you afford to adjust its camera, high-resolution screen and with the design of the phone? Do not forget to write down your comment.





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