The possibility of article writing as a career in the trending world

Content in Web Industry is called King Because an informative good quality article can easily make a site popular and it can make a low-quality article, the site is neglected by the search engine. So, if you want to make your site popular with your target market then there is no comparison of good article. And for this reason, those who can write good articles, they never lack work.

Although the website can be created in all languages at present, but the demand for article writers in English, Bengali, Hindi, Chinese and Arabic languages is high in popular marketplaces.

A recent study found that more than 150 websites were being created in the entire world every hour. And since the website is being created, the demand for articles for the website is increasing. So you can understand the amount of work done by a good article writer and how much the field is growing.

Job field and job rates

If you want to build your career as a full-time article writer, there are lots of things you can do. Let’s see the fields:
1. BlogPost Writer: If you are the newest in this sector you can start working as a blog post writer. Get started work quickly when you start working with Odesk. But to start this sector you must be good at English. Even if you can not be an expert, 90% will be able to write well. There are many grammar checkers available online that will make you perfect your article.

As a brand new you can start working at 75 cents – $ 500 ward rate. Since you are absolutely new and do not have any site or portfolio, you will get work quickly at the starting rate at the beginning and you can increase the rate to come after completing 10 jobs. Successful writers of Bangladesh, India and the Philippines have written an article in the $ 100 ward rate. But for that you have to earn appropriate experience, skill and samples.

2. Review Writer: Currently the most attractive business in the online marketing industry is Affiliate Marketing. And there is no good option for affiliate marketing and good reviews. You can affiliate Amazon or any other vendor, you have as good product / service reviews as your site can do as well as you do. Usually there is a review of 700-1000 wards. You can start $ 3- $ 4 for the articles of 1000 Word. Interestingly, the reviews of this type of writing are for 10-15 articles. So if you know how to write review articles, then a project can earn $ 40 to $ 50.

However, to write a review article, you must know how to find out the features, pros and cons of a product or service. Along with this, you have to learn how to be inspired to buy a reader.

3. How to and Lexicon: How-To and Lexicon are many short words, but if you write them, you have to be a little expert. Because it is very important to know expressions and synonyms in such an article. This type of article is a little lower in the demand market. But the clients who are seeking this type of article will generally agree to give you $ 3 500 ward at the beginning.

4. Copywriter: Copywriter means copy paste is not working. Copywriter is the technical term of Sales Speech or Sales Article. As a good copywriter, you will need to write the advertisement title, email content, landing page content. According to your skill you can charge $ 8- $ 10 for 500 wards. But to act as a copyright owner, you must be an incomparable article writer. There is no alternative.

5. Website Content: Writing Content for Websites is a little different. Here you will be hired as a project, rather than a ward. You need to write the article wherever you need content in conformity with the website. You can charge $ 5- $ 10 for each page at the beginning.


How do you start?


Article Writing can be a great part-time or side business for students, professionals or employers. If you can write well in English or Bangla, you can easily start working as an article writer from today. If you want help from experts in this field then you can contact us via iThakun’s facebook page. If your writing is meaningful and useful to readers, then we will definitely help you create a good portfolio by posting your article on our site.
There is a desire to write more articles related to this in the future. Stay up to date on our website and Facebook pages to stay up to date. To this day. If you like the writing then tell the comment.
Stay with it until next writing.

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