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Remember how you felt a jolt of excitement when you were first introduced to Twitter? Did you jump up with joy or brooded over what possible benefits this hipsterplatform could have for your business? I know I had my doubts. However, 10 years down the road, Twitter has become a mainstream social media site. Same goes for Facebook; who could have imagined that a platform used for connecting with long-lost family members and friends would have such a vast impact on businesses. Infact, Social media has now become a vital part of any brand’s digital marketing strategy and is ingrained so deeply in our lives, that it is almost a travesty to consider a world without.

Despite the staggering statistics that you are bombarded with every second, the vast implications of Facebook haven’tdawned onsome businesses,who still fail to employ this effective marketing tool to its full potential. Many digital marketers find it challenging to escalatewebsite traffic, boost social media engagement, and create real conversions to increase their brand awareness.

Today, the number of likes, shares and follows determines the credibility of a brand. To create a loyal fan base and boost your sales, brands need to understand the requirements and preferencesof their target audience. Prove toyour audience that you are not an emotionless bot or a money-spurningmachine. Try to engage, inspire and surprise your customers with shareable and memorable content.

Whether you are a digital marketing agency, a mobile app development agency, or a young entrepreneur, if you want to compete with well-established brands and gather more and more customers on your social media platforms, you need to implement these winning social media strategies in 2018.

Humanize Your Brand:We live in a digital age where businesses can easily find an app or a software program for handling each aspect of their social media marketing. From scheduling posts to direct messaging – you can improve your social media marketing efforts tremendously.

While these are the most important aspects to your marketing company, you also need to make sure that your social media activities are not solely relying on automated tools. To cultivatea loyal and long-lasting relationship with your audience, you need to bring out the human side of your brand.

Being real with people on social media is the key. Sure, your social media automated tools are helping you stay organized, automated bots cannot be relied on to answer the most sensitive queries and misgiving of your followers. These tools don’t have the ability to respond to a client’s query in real-time. Thiscan convey a negative message to your audience.

People want real engagement from your brand. It is highly recommendedto avoid using these robots and automated tools as they fail to embody the personality of yourbrand, especially when it comes to responding to a customer in real-time. I’m not saying that you should steer clear of these automated resources. Smart digital marketers know when to use these automated resources and when they should add a more real, human touch.

Provide Great Content:Being a digital marketer, you need to understand what your audience wants to read and tailoryour content accordingly. You can use helpful, motivational, entertaining, and interesting images and memes to get your audience engaged with your brand http://consistently.In addition, videos, info Graphics, GIFs, quizzes, and fun tidbits let you intrigue your customers and lure them in every day for a dose of inspiration.

You can attract an ever increasing host of people bycreating real and compelling content on your social media accounts. Post informative, valuable and engaging content on your social media accounts, so that users regularly check on your social media accounts to see what you have to say.

When in doubt, follow the rule of 80/20. This translates into the fact that80% of your content must be informative, entertaining, motivational, trending and inspiring. This 80% of content shouldn’t contain any branded stuff or promotional posts. It all depends on what your target audience enjoys the most.

If you find it difficult to unearth the preferences of your audience, you can check Facebook Audience Insights. Type in some topics of your interest and it will provide you with other brand pages, who are creating real content along those lines. Take all the tips and ideas you can from them and create similar content to post on your social media account.

Don’t be Shy to Follow Others:Many brands aspireto accumulatea horde of followers, but they consider it beneath them tofollow other people or brands. In the social media realm, this strategy doesn’t work. To create a massive social media following with increased engagement, you should follow other successful brands and people, especially within your niche. You should know how to follow others. As a rule, follow only those people and brands which are relevant to your industry, products or services. Read More : Lure in More Customers in 2018 with Stellar Social Media Strategies

Author :  Robert Rex, Social Media, Blogger, Designer, Traveler & Foodie


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