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Peruvian victory over the World Cup after 40 years

The World Cup means another tension. Every match is surrounded by various accounts. As a result, players have to play with pressure. In the World Cup yesterday, Group ‘C’ was Peru-Australia match. Dudalai had the unique opportunity of getting rid of the pressure. Because, before this group France and Denmark have ensured their next round. As a result, Australia and Peru have been playing the rules of the game.

Peru’s match-winning victory over the rules And this win really was something special for them. Because, after the 1978 World Cup, this first team saw the victory. The Latin American nation won 2-0 goals against Australia.


Peruvian football was controversial before the World Cup. The Peruvian captain Paolo Guerrero received 14 months ban. The team, whose hands have got the ticket for the World Cup, is absent due to the absence of the player. But he came back to the end of all the speculation and he contributed to winning the team by cutting long drought.


Andrea Carrillo and Guerrero played the entire stadium. 40 thousand Peruians have traveled to Russia to see Peru’s play. They did not want to miss a moment in the game.


Of course, Australia has the most contribution to Peru’s success. They could not stop the attack, prevent resistance against Peru. At one time, they got involved without being attacked, they were unknowingly foul. As a result, they have to eat four yellow cards. Peru has won the match by 2-0 goals in Australia’s unbeatable game.


In this year’s World Cup, when Australia returned empty-handed, Peru could fill their hang-up somewhat. The biggest thing is, they have been able to overcome the 40-year drought,

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