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It is important to verify the issues before purchasing a smartphone

There are various companies’ smartphones available in the market. Many people buy external designs before buying a smartphone. Later on, it does not have the correct speed, the camera does not offer beautiful service, the battery is not giving too much back up, and many problems are worn by the buyers. Before we buy a smartphone today, check the issues that will not face much problems later.


Operating system


One of the operating systems that must be considered before buying a smartphone is one. Currently, there are three major operating systems in the current smartphone market; Android, Windows Phone, and iOS. Normally Nokia and Microsoft phones run on Windows Phone operating systems, but nowadays many Chinese phone brands are also seen using the Windows Phone operating system. IOS will be seen only in Apple’s case because it is Apple’s own operating system and probably Apple does not want its operating system to use any other company. Android phones are available in the market from low to high budget.




The processor is a smartphone life. To get good results on speed, buy good processor smartphones. If you think of buying a high budget smartphone then you should look at the latest processors in the market. Keep in mind that the latest processors will perform as well as perform better and get less time. For the mid-budget phones, the number of new processors can be seen as good. The latest processors can now be seen in the phone of 15-20 thousand rupees. Low-priced phones are commonly seen in Snapdragon 410, or processor processors. The processor has two more issues, its frequency and core. The processor core can mean more hand. As much as a processor has a core, the processor can be swift as fast as possible and the phone will run smoothly.




Buy and verify the RAM before purchasing the smartphone. If you have less RAM in your purchased phone then you will not get good results during the operating time or browsing. RAM and processor determine the speed of the smartphone. See your phone’s RAM is a device that helps the processor to run any of the phone’s processes and apps. Computer RAM and smartphones work the same way and the same role. Today, it is necessary to have 2 GB of RAM on any phone. Keno requires a little more RAM to run new operating systems and new apps. If you have 2 GB RAM on the phone then you can use 2 GB but not the same. The operating system and the internal internal processes of the phone always occupy half or more RAM. May be 800 MB in 1GB operating system itself and reserve 2 GB of RAM. Currently, 3-4 GB of RAM is available on the budget phone of Tk 15-20,000 and the phone has 6 to 8 GB of RAM.




Before buying a smartphone, the quality of the display and size will be good. There is a good quality display with a good quality phone, and of course, with good color and good looking angle. The super ammo display is the best. Super AMOLED display is available on different companies’ phones, including Samsung. If you think of buying a good budget phone, then notice that there is a super ammo display. After Super AMOLED display, hey ammo display and LED display. Mid-budget phones will also get super ammo display, but there is no problem even with ammo display. There should be LED display in low budget. At present, the question of purchasing LED display and VFD display does not come in question.




Before buying a smartphone, check out the phone’s camera carefully and buy it. Presently the smart pictures are captured with smartphones. At one time, there was so much of a common camera phone, but it’s about 8 to 10 years ago. Nowadays smartphones are seen using many powerful cameras. From 5 megapixels to 20 megapixels and up to the top of the camera is seen. Although the camera’s megapixel is not the latest thing. It is important to note that camera sensors, image processors, apertures, lenses, etc., are good or bad. Remember – every time a new smartphone is coming to market competition. If you buy a mobile phone now, maybe not buy in the next one year. If you do not want to go back to newer models in this 1 year, you can buy a good phone camera right now.




There are many types of smartphones such as RAM, processor, display, And with the right configuration it is very important to have the right power battery. Smartphones currently have 4000 to 6 thousand mAh battery. Keep in mind, as long as the battery’s MAH is as good as possible and can be backed up. If your phone’s processor is strong and the processor is more core then it is necessary to have more battery. The minimum phone must have 3,500 mAh battery, but take 4 thousand or 4,500 mAh or more then take the phone.

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