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How to become a good father? 10 Conditions for becoming a good father.

Every father in the world wants to have the smile of his child, the happiness of his wife or the happiness of the parents. But to keep the family well, the first thing is to keep a happy family member happy.


10 conditions of good parents:


Not a cigarette: It’s the first condition to become a good father. Nicotene, formaldehyde, lead, arsenic, such as copper containing harmful chemicals are harming you, as well as being victim of passive smoking is your child. Stay away from it yourself, stay away from the child too.

There is no quality in the words ‘Aam a social drinker’. If you are a good guardian, then it’s the first thing to do. According to modern medicine regular consumption of alcohol also damages the body. If there is a slight increase in the liver damage, the cancer has suffered such horrors, why would you hold it?


Remarkably hard-hitting rule: If he is angry or angry, then he shows the anger of others elsewhere. Do not impose anger on your child’s frustration. Rather try to understand him. Though open to confrontation, talk openly. Governance is needed. But under extreme regime, problems can increase.


Time to  family: Have you missed the day two? Make a backpack to wrap it up. Take the family around somewhere nearby. Choose the place where the child likes. If in the middle of nature, his mind will have good thoughts and thoughts will also get fancy.


Qualify the quality: Is the child good at anything? Whether it is useful in life or not, appreciate it. Not all the qualities that will become ‘carrier’ but it is not. It does not reduce the value of quality. But if you get encouraged to do good to your father, you will get mental peace.


Do not compare: Result of secondary home bulletin or secondary school job, do not compare to anything with your child’s performance. Life is bigger than any result or job. It is advisable to make a child’s life beautiful, but not comparisons. This will increase its inferiority complex.


Be a friend: It is one of the most important issues. If you can not become friend when showing parenting, then it is your responsibility. Meet with the child in such a way that he may think of you as a ‘father’ as well as ‘friends’. If you need to share the conversation with you He will be at home to be the best friend of life.


Help: Find out the time for childbirth. Show the Tuktak Home Task. Hold on to the need. If this responsibility is in the hands of the wife, please help her sometimes. In this, the child can understand your awareness and awareness of him. It will strengthen the family ties.


Not the difference: it is the most urgent in this society. Boys and girls – Never divide between these two children. Enlarge both of them with equal rights and love. No one can show you any partiality in using your son or daughter. In the same case, even for two boys or two girls.


Give up: Parents are the primary condition of the mother but it’s the primary condition. Parents have to sacrifice a lot for any child. Your parents never did it for you. Do not be upset about the child’s smile to leave some of your chances to see the face.

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