Core Health Products

Core Health Pack 60 packets – Enzymes, 15 Strains of Probiotics and Prebiotics, Plant Based Antioxidants Vitamins and Minerals

About the product
  • 30 RAW Whole Food Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs
  • Over 10,000+ ORAC Value of Antioxidants
  • Over 40 Live Enzymes, Coenzymes & Cofactors
  • 15 pH Stabilized, Live Probiotics and Prebiotics
  • Most Advanced Nutrient Delivery System

About Core Health Pack:

7-In-1 Complete System – Core Health Product’s Core Health Pack combines fruits, vegetables, antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics, plant based enzymes and digestive herbs into 1 simple, convenient packet ready to go whenever you are!



30 Raw, Whole Foods- Our fruit and vegetable blend is derived from living, whole foods with no synthetics or preservatives so nutrition is maximized.



Over 40 Live Enzymes & Co-Factors- Plant based, broad spectrum digestive enzymes allow digestion to increase and nutrients to be utilized from each meal.



Live Probiotics & Prebiotics- The Core Health Pack includes 15 different strains of pH stabilized probiotics and prebiotics which become activated throughout the upper and lower GI tract increasing digestion and immunity.



Top customer reviews


AmyLieu: Husband and I tried these and feel so much better – energy and health – plant based and alkaline, but not caffeine type energy that keeps you up at night. We ended up buying more to continue taking as our vitamins



William Hefner: Core Health Pack is one of a number of brands I have tested recently that are jumping on the relatively new trend of pre-packaging a number of health supplements into a single pack, rather than having you reach for 2-3 separate products each day. One key element that all of these products seem to have in common is that they sacrifice price for convenience. In other words, taking them may be more convenient but you will definitely pay for it when it comes to price. This product is no exception.

What you end up with in this product is a roughly 30 day supply of natural vitamins and antioxidants that end up being very costly and seem to imply a variety of health claims that the manufacturer really can’t substantiate. The main claim of this product seems to be that its whole food ingredients are somehow better absorbed than traditional vitamins. Unfortunately, there is no real proof to back this up.

When you break down the actual amount of vitamins that this product supplies it is really a rather anemic dose. You don’t even get close to receiving the minimum daily dosage of most vitamins that you need to prevent disease. Regardless of how well these vitamins are “absorbed”, you would need to take several packs a day to get anywhere near the dosage you would receive from a decent multivitamin and antioxidant combo. If you are really rich and really lazy, this product might be a good fit for you. If not, I would give it a pass.



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