12 symptoms of heart disease: what should not be neglected

Heart disease such as the number one killer disease in America, the total death rate in the United States is 40%. But in developing countries, heart disease is gradually becoming a major killer disease.

Why heart disease is so terrible
One of the reasons is that after giving symptoms, patient responds slowly, seek help too late. If you suddenly have acute pain in the chest, many people will have to call cardiac surgery, but the symptoms of heart disease are varied. There is no acute or obvious pain all the time. It is different from the gender, gender discrimination. As it is difficult to recognize the symptoms of heart, it is difficult for experts to refrain from neglecting possible warnings.

Neglecting these symptoms is nothing, waiting for pain, waiting for a book, and more pain is avoided at any given time. Risk or delay can be dangerous. Those who are over 65, who have other risks like high quality cholesterol or high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, diabetes, or heart disease, have a history of history, they should never delay to seek help.

Cleveland clinic cardiologist Dr. David Fried said, “Those who have more heart conditions, those symptoms are more likely to be symptomatic of heart disease.” Many people hesitate to admit that they may have symptoms of cardiovascular disease, and they do not feel like having heart disease. ” It may not be a problem to delay a doctor’s advice for other treatment problems, but serious hood problems can often mean sudden death. Rather, going to the hospital and checking up is better than premature death?

1. Anxiety or anxiety

Heart attacks may cause severe anxiety or fear of death. Many people who came back from the heart attack later experienced the experience of dizziness

2. Chest discomfort

Among the women, there is a great researcher with cardiovascular disease and doctor Junk of the University of Arkansas. C. McSwine said that as a sign of heart attack, as a symptom and symptom, we think that ‘chest pain’ may not be a pain in all the heart and there may be a lot of pain in the heart and not from the heart. Hidrhygotic chest pain is usually in the middle of the chest, there may be a little left in the center. “Such a pain that may seem like a huge elephant is going to be broken by the feet or the elephant is sitting on the chest.” It may also be that the feeling of such discomfort in the chest, or twisting of the chest or chest. Girls feel heartache, sometimes a little pain. Tylenl is used in America for pain. So McSwine said, “Women also say that there is no pain, little, tileanal food pain.” While this may be heart disease. Women may have a slightly different symptoms than men. Such as chest pain or discomfort. Buckwheel may be due to heart disease. Dr. Nike Goldberg, a specialist in Langon Medical Center in New York City, another expert on women’s heart disease, said, “Many people misbehave with stomach ache

3. Cough cough

Unsteady cough or chest pain may be symptoms of heart ulcer. Fluid accumulation in the lungs Often, patients with Hodnoscera can also bleed

4. Slow down the head

A heart attack can lead to a headache or loss of consciousness. There may be some major irregularities which can be termed as “abidemia”

5. Fatigue, exhaustion, especially among women

Unusual fatigue may occur during the heart attack but for a few days, it may feel tired for weeks. Heart attack may occur at one time. The tired depressed heart may be a sign of disturbance at all times. Time wasted so dangerous, said Goldburn. If the body does not feel good, if it does not seem to be blowing on the side of the body, then it is time to ask for medicines.

6. Vomiting or hunger

May be nausea or vomiting symptoms of heart disease. If the stomach swelling and heart failure are combined then it can lead to hunger

7. The pain of pain in the other side of the body is the heart attack of many people who suffer from heartache, pain that goes away, neck, shoulders, arms, elbows, back, legs and stomach. There is no chest pain again. Pain is elsewhere in the body. Pain comes and goes. Men’s heart attack may be a lot of pain in the left arm. Pain in women can be in both arms or in the arms

In between the two feathers in the back

8. Speedy or irregular bowel medicines say that there is nothing to worry if there is a sudden heart failure, but there may be signs of heart attack if there is weakness in the pulse or irregular bowel, short sleepless breath. There may be signs of heart failure or poor irregularity. If not treated, there may be due to irregularities of stroke, heart failure or sudden death

9. Breathing difficulties

If you feel resting in the chest, or if you are breathing in a little tiredness, breathing problems like asthma or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Breathing can indicate heart attack or Hodnicaia. “Sometimes there is no pressure or pain on the person’s heart if there is a heart attack, but there is strong breathing.” Goldburn said. It is such a marathon race, such as physical labor, that some person has remained stationary

10. Sweating

A common symptom of heart attack is cold sweat and cold sweat. Maybe sitting in the chair, suddenly going to the cold sweat, how hard it was to exercise the body.

11. Inflorescence

If heart failure occurs, the fluid may be stored in the body. It can also be deposited in the legs, ankles, feet or abdomen. Suddenly, weight may increase or decrease in the body

12. Weakness

During heart attack, there may be abnormal weaknesses in the days before being a heart attack. Maxuseni said, “A woman told me that I could not hold a piece of paper on the two fingers.”


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